Kurabayashi Lab

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The Laboratory for Microsystems Technology and Science in the University of Michigan Department of Mechanical Engineering develops micro/nano engineering approaches toward the advancement of scientific instrumentation, wireless communications, biosensing, and optical molecular imaging.The key to successful system design is a fundamental understanding of micro/nanoscale mass/thermal energy transport, coupling between mechanical/ thermal/ electromagnetic processes, and optical propagation in active materials and micro/nanofabricated device structures. By exploring control of the fundamental surface properties, force, pressure, temperature and length scales of materials and devices, we seek to find technological solutions and develop new methodologies for societal problems in health care, life sciences, homeland security, and scientific metrology.
Self contained biomolecular motor-driven proteinsorting and concentrating in an ultrasensitive microfluidic chip, Lin et al., Nano Lett., (2008)
Mocrofabricated Thermal Modulator for Comprehensive Two-Dimensional Micro Gas Chromatography Kim et al., Lab Chip., (2010)

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