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The Laboratory for Microsystems
Technology and Science in the University of Michigan Department of Mechanical Engineering develops micro/nano engineering approaches toward the advancement of scientific instrumentation, wireless
communications, biosensing, and optical molecular imaging. The key to successful system design is a fundamental understanding of micro/nanoscale mass/thermal energy transport, coupling between mechanical/ thermal/ electromagnetic processes, and optical propagation in active materials and micro/nanofabricated device structures. By exploring control of the fundamental surface properties, force, pressure, temperature and length scales of materials and devices, we seek to find technological solutions and develop new methodologies to address societal problems and needs in health care, life sciences, homeland security, and scientific metrology.

Integrated Nanoplasmonic Sensing for Cellular Functional Immunoanalysis Using Human Blood by Oh et al., ACS Nano (2014).

Latest NEWS

-February 2014: Bo-Ram Oh’s paper on nanoplasmonic biosensing for cellular immunofunctional analysis is published in ACS Nano.

-February 2014: Our paper entitled “Recent advancements in optofluidics-based single-cell analysis” has been selected as a cover image & top 10% hot article of Lab on a Chip! (Click here)

-April 2013: Nien-Tsu (Joe) Huang has received a faculty job. He will be Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering at National Taiwan University in Taiwan. Congratulations, Joe!

-January 2013: Dr. Sung Jin Kim, a former MSTS Lab member, has been appointed as Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Konkuk University in Korea. Congratulations!

-January 2013: Dr. Jung Hwan Seo has been appointed as Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Hongik University in Korea. Congratulations!

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